Revision Decision

I “should” finish the revision of my novel today. Should. That’s what I keep telling myself everyday. I’m on the last part of the last chapter. Then what? My temptation is to go back and start editing again. I’m an editing addict. Can’t stop. What I need to do is query some agents. But is it ready? I need to go back and fix a few inconsistencies now that I changed some of the ending. Little things. Not a major rewrite though. I can’t get caught up in that loop again. The editor who’s waiting on this rewrite may lose interest or forget about the book altogether if I don’t send it to her soon. So I’ll fix those inconsistencies, spell check, and send it off! Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do. Here I go!


About alicebeesley

Hi, I'm married and have three kids and a dog—she's a shnoodle named Kizzy. I enjoy playing the guitar and writing songs. I've published some poetry in magazines such as Avocet, a literary journal and Mylight, an online children's magazine. I have a bachelor's degree in writing from Brigham Young University. In the evenings I teach English as a second language. For fun I like to hike, bike, camp, and cross country ski. One of my favorite things to do is read a good book in bed and eat sugar-free chocolate.
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One Response to Revision Decision

  1. Ava says:

    I am an edit-addict too. i can never be sure when something is ready to submit. Can’t say I’ve ever had something ready to submit. 🙂

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