My Dream Guitar

I haven’t written for a while because I started a new blog for my writing of fiction and poetry. I’ve decided to use this one just for my music. I want to get more serious about songwriting and performing. Right now I’m writing some songs for hire and am saving the money I earn from that to record demos of my own songs.

I’ve also started taking voice lessons from an awesome voice teacher who’s going to help me not only with singing, but also with performance, since I tend to get really bad stage fright and it’s hard to sing and play well when you can’t breathe and your fingers are shaking!

I’ll be singing at some open mics and my husband will video tape my performances. Then my voice coach will go over them with me and evaluate them. Yikes! This will be really good for me. The only way to get better at something is to do it more. I’ll post on here when my performances will be and how they go. Maybe I’ll even put some of the videos on my blog.

Above are pictures of my dream guitar. It’s a Taylor 614ce. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’ll be a long time before I can get it since I got a new guitar last year for Christmas (a Taylor 314ce) and I love it. It’s got great sound, feel, and playability, but it doesn’t have the big leaf maple back and sides, the pearl sound hole and pearl leaf pattern fretboard inlay, or the abalone soundhole rosette that make this guitar so beautiful.

I also need to get a lot better at playing before I can justify getting something this nice. If I can meet certain goals with my music and save the money, hopefully I’ll be able to get this in the future as a reward. It’s something to shoot for and that will give me incentive to practice and perform and write songs as much as possible.

I wrote a new song this week called “When”. It was one of those songs that just came quickly and easily without me expecting it or even planning to write a new song at the time. I love it when that happens. I think having to cowrite several songs a week on demand and having to force myself to write when I don’t feel inspired is helping me tap into more ideas and get the creative juices flowing.

I’m also co-writing a song with one of my sisters. It takes longer to come up with stuff we both like, but in the end I think the song will be different and hopefully better than if we wrote it on our own. That’s my two bits for today and more than I typically write. I’ll write more regularly from now on and smaller posts.


About alicebeesley

Hi, I'm married and have three kids and a dog—she's a shnoodle named Kizzy. I enjoy playing the guitar and writing songs. I've published some poetry in magazines such as Avocet, a literary journal and Mylight, an online children's magazine. I have a bachelor's degree in writing from Brigham Young University. In the evenings I teach English as a second language. For fun I like to hike, bike, camp, and cross country ski. One of my favorite things to do is read a good book in bed and eat sugar-free chocolate.
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